HELP THE HELPER is a basketball motto preached by some of the sport's legendary coaches, including Dean Smith and Phil Jackson.

All good players know they should support a teammate who's under pressure. But the true greats know how to take it one step further. They know how to fill the gaps left behind when one teammate goes to help another-gaps that are often far from the basket and out of the spotlight. The true greats step up in quiet ways to make sure no subtle holes develop on defense and no opportunities are missed on offense.

And now Pritchard and Eliot are going to show you how to put this level of teamwork to work in your business, to build a culture that recognizes and rewards those who help the helper-even when they don't have sexy Moneyball-esque statistics. In the process, Help the Helper teaches how to de-emphasize the CEO/quarterback/superstar and more effectively redefine leadership. You'll learn, for instance:

  • How to create a dynasty of unselfishness.
  • The secret to managing energy, not people.
  • How to eat obstacles for breakfast.
  • How to act like an "unleader".

Consider how it works in the hospitality industry. In a great restaurant you don't have to wait for your server to come check on you; your needs are taken care of instantaneously, sometimes before even you realize you need them. Everyone from the bus boy to the maitre d' has one goal... the success of the team. Such coordination seems complicated for a small eatery, well-nigh impossible for a large, multinational organization. But it's easier than you think.

For a combined 40 years, Pritchard and Eliot have focused on building high performing groups working in the NBA and Major League Baseball. They've crushed Malcolm Galdwell's 10,000-Hour Rule, logging upwards of 50,000 hours studying the factors that create champions and dynasties. Exhaustive testing, scouting, and evaluating has taught them that truly special teams in all fields have one immutable common denominator, a willingness to do whatever it takes to, first and foremost, help the helper.

Drawing on true and inspirational stories from sports to medicine to business, Help the Helper shows us what's behind the curtain that fuels great team performance.


Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard is the general manager of the Indiana Pacers and the former general manager for the Portland Trail Blazers. He was a member of the Kansas Jayhawks NCAA championship team in 1988 and played for five NBA teams.

Dr. John Eliot

Dr. John Eliot is a decorated university professor and a consultant to professional athletes and coaches, Fortune 500 companies, and medical centers worldwide. In twenty years of practice, an unprecedented 100% of his pro sport clients have won pennants, championships, or gold medals.


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